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ARPAnet Panel Response

The group who did the topic about Arpanet was great! I really liked how they got the class involved, and also their timeline, which was really cool. It’s crazy to think that Arpanet was the ”first internet” and to see how we actually use the internet today. At the beginning of the semester I was in the panel that talked about  ”The history of the Internet,” so I was a little familiar with Arpanet, Milnet, and DARPAnet.In one of my previous blogs, I talked about the history of the internet and its initial purposes, In the article, the authors Schwartz and Campbell talked bout ARPANET and how it ”launched” the internet. ARPANET was the original network built by the U.S Advanced Projects Research Agency in the late 1960s(Schwartz and Campbell Vol. 28.) It’s purpose served to make it easier for people to get access to computers and also it was originally made for military use to improve communications. I stated in class about the launch of sputnick, but I really didn’t know much more beyond that. I just knew that Sputnick had something to do with ARPANET. In class, the panel made it make more sense, and I also looked up a little on it. The main reason behind ARPANET was in response to that event (the launch of sputnick) , in order to keep up with their rivals(USSR), the US started the Advanced Research Projects Agency, or ARPA, and began to develop ideas that would give them an edge against the other countries. One of the most important products of ARPA was ARPANET.

Here is where I found some history