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Impacts of the Internet!

The internet impacts many in a variety of ways, whether it’d be socially, economically, or culturally. I would personally say that the internet has impacted me most socially and culturally. I have encountered people online with different opinions, beliefs, and they come from a different background than me. They may post things on their wall, timeline, or whatever it may be depending on the website we are using which express things of their culture, which makes me want to google and see what they are talking about because it’s interesting. Because of the access to the internet that I have I can learn about cultures instantly by seeing something on facebook, twitter, or wherever and simply searching for it, or talking to this person online by asking questions. ┬áThis person can be anywhere in the world, and I can still learn from them. The main point though, is that this is opening you up to different ideas about cultures other than your own, no matter where you are, or that person. The internet is allowing you to be able to do these things, and therefore impacting the internet cultrually and socially.


Another example that I think is appropriate, which does not apply to me personally is Electronic Support Groups, which are also known as ESG’s. I learned about this in a sociology class a while back, but I would say this shows a great example of impacts the internet socially. Electronic support groups are where people that are suffering from a specific illness go to communicate, via the internet. I believe that author’s name was Barker who wrote the article, but Barker talks about how these people come to this group to make sense of their illness and it promotes consumer-driven medicalization.