Digital Identity panel (WHO AM I?)

I really enjoyed the panel about digital identity. I think it’s a very interesting topic! I was pretty excited to see catfish incorporated into the discussion too, that’s one of my favorite shows! Anyways, personally, myself, I am two different people on twitter, and facebook. The reason behind this is because my family and people from my church are on my friends list on facebook, therefore I have to actually ”watch my character.” Twitter, now that’s another story. I can freely express myself and post all the random thoughts that come to mind. I honestly don’t think anyone would really know how to take me if they compared my facebook and my twitter. Sometimes I even look at it, and I’m just amazed at how different they are and I wonder if anyone notices it. Is there any such thing as a digital identity crisis, because that’s what it looks like I’m going through if you just decided to compare them.

One thought on “Digital Identity panel (WHO AM I?)”

  1. Good point. I think it’s normal to adapt our behavior, our outward projection of our identities, to different situations. What other people see is always a partial view of us, or an edited version of who we are. I think that why danah boyd said Facebook is a weird place – because it brings together people from all different parts of our lives, we try to act in a way that fits in all of them. Which is not what we do in real life.

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