Intellectual Property and Fair Use, whats the misunderstanding?

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Within this concept map, there are two topics discussed. These two are “Intellectual Property and Fair Use.” Intellectual property is a work or invention that is a result of creativity such as a manuscript or a design to which one has the rights for and which one can apply for a patent, copyright, or trademark(Leary & Parker Vol. 55.) Fair use, is defined as any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and transformative structure. This can be done without permission from the owner. These two go hand in hand because there seems to be a misunderstanding about how to go about using ”fair use,” and apparently it’s pretty hard to actually abide by these ”fair use” rules. Many people such as filmmakers never get their films made because of ”fair use.” They’re are major issues dealing with copyright, but in order to not worry about running in to these issues (infringement) there are actions you can take to avoid this (get permission, used licensed works.

I found a website that was for students and teachers to get an understanding of fair use and intellectual property. It’s actually a way you can question yourself:

• Fair Use, the Fair Use Test. Fair use is a principle in Copyright Law that provides us with
a limited ability to use copyrighted material without getting permission for limited purposes:
personal use, non-profit uses, education, criticism or commentary, news reporting and
parody. There are no hard rules to determine if an intended use is a Fair Use, but there are
‘test criteria’ to help in making the decision:
1. What is the purpose and character of the intended use?
2. What is the nature of the copyrighted work?
3. How much of the work will be used? And how important is that part?
4. How would widespread use of this work impact its market value?

This is where i found the ”quiz”

One thought on “Intellectual Property and Fair Use, whats the misunderstanding?”

  1. Sierra,

    I lvoe the way you contextualized the map, and framed what others were looking at. One issue is the map is just an image not a HTML file. Where are the links withing the concept map?

    Nice resource in terms of the quiz, and the discussion around fair use in the next couple of weeks should prove very interesting.

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