Online dating. Find it in just one click?

Personally, I don’t see anything with online dating, it’s not something I would do but I don’t see a problem for people who do. I just feel that when you do try to do online dating you should probably be a little more cautious of who you are talking to, just like when you are in public you should be aware of your surroundings, the only difference between the two is you are doing the same thing online. People can be whoever they want to be online, but sometimes it is easier to make a connection with someone online. Online dating is kind of cool in a way because you can narrow your choices by picking qualities in a person that you like, but then again it could probably screw you over because you could say you are looking for a certain type of person and you like doing certain things, and someone who finds you attractive may just ”pretend” to like the things that you likeĀ or be this person you are in search of. The con sometimes though is that although you can choose who you want online by saying what exactly you are looking for (your matches) you could be missing out on someone who could be perfect for you but you just want a specific person.

I think the sex offender statistics were kind of scary, but you could meet a sex offender in person as well so regardless, like I stated earlier you just have to be cautious about who you get involved with. We also have brought up CATFISH a couple of times, you never really know who is behind the computer screen until you actually meet them in person.

2 thoughts on “Online dating. Find it in just one click?”

  1. Sierra,
    It’s funny, the whole idea of online dating isn’t an issue necessarily, it’s just not for me ;) Isn’t that part of what we were talking about yesterday? Also, what happened to the image in this post?

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