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The video Allison presented was pretty informative. I seriously had no idea that there were these ”databrokers” keeping track of my activity online. In the video it was stated that they do not have to show you your information. In a way it’s a two-way street for me. One part of me really doesn’t care then another part does agree that it is an issue of privacy. I also found it shocking that search engines like Google keeps track. For some reason I thought I could clear my search history, cookies, and all of that and everything was just gone. Then again, is anything you ever do on the internet really ”gone?” Doubt it. The facebook scenario she talked about was a little scary. I feel like everything you do on the internet is going to have some kind of downside to it such as someone searching something and databrokers keeping track of it. That’s just the price we are willing to pay in this society, although we may not want our information and search history being documented. The Duck Duck Go was new to me and I had never heard about it. I may start using it! Well, maybe not. It’s pretty weird though the first thing  I usually type in when I get online is, which is crazy! Especially when I have nothing to do on the internet and bored. Lauren’s point was also interesting Privacy on facebook is always changing. She pointed out that the way they wrote it was too advanced for the average person to comprehend. Why is that though? I’m sure they do it on purpose. The same with Instagram, there was a huge controversy about that not too long ago. Thinking about this is actually kind of scary, but do I really see myself giving up my facebook and Instagram and google because of my ”digital identity footprint being left?” Maybe one day, but not today or tomorrow.

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